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Do unpopular habits and beliefs keep getting in your way? Modern hypnotherapy can help you to solve them.

On the one hand, hypnosis can be used to address health issues such as weight regulation, smoking cessation or mental blockages in sports.

On the other hand, topics related to personality development. Be it reducing exaggerated fears and stress, increasing your own self-confidence to a healthy level or reacting more calmly to challenging situations.

With the Hypnotherapy we work with your subconscious mind. With my support, you have access to the habits and beliefs that are hindering you and you can change them accordingly.

Hypnosetherapie Luzern

I am Mike Truniger and have been a hypnotherapist since 2017. Continuous training also led me to become a teacher of Autogenic Training. 

Watch the following video before your first session with Hypnose-Luzern.com
In this video you will learn the main points so that you can get an overview of the hypnotherapy in advance of your session. This shortens the preliminary talk in our first session so that we have more time for the hypnotherapy itself.

Overcome fears, stress and blockages with hypnosis 

Imagine that you can solve your exaggerated fears, stress or blockages with just a few sessions. For a long time I was of the opinion that I could only solve things that hinder my life with a lot of discipline and a lot of effort. If things didn’t move forward then, I regarded this as my personality to live with. That wasn’t so wrong. As long as I stayed at the conscious level and wanted to tackle an issue with pure willpower, it was really exhausting.


Hypnose Luzern

The solution was to involve the subconscious mind. The subconscious makes up 95% of our personality and the conscious only 5%. So from a logical-rational point of view (consciousness) you can say that your anxiety or self-made stress is unnecessary. But your emotions and habits (subconscious) reassert themselves and make you react in a way that you exactly do not want anymore.

In the state of hypnosis you get access to your subconscious mind and you can release the emotions and beliefs associated with your fear, stress or blockage. Therefore, you tackle the root of the problem.

Hypnotherapy supports you to stop smoking or to regulate your weight so that you can feel good in your body again.

You still have to move yourself in the future. And if you are on the road with a few kilos less on your ribs or healthy lungs, it will be much more fun again.

In 2006, I smoked a good 10 packs a week and had already made two unsuccessful stops. I paid the final stop of smoking with pure willpower with 10kg more on the ribs. From a logical-rational point of view, it was clear to me that sweets do more harm than good, but my subconscious was looking for a substitute for the emotions that were no longer satisfied. Did you know that according to the Federal Office of Public Health, sugar is added to cigarettes?

In hypnotherapy, you release the negative emotions and the habits. In this way, your subconscious mind will not look for a substitute and you will be able to say goodbye to your addiction completely stress-free.

Due to quitting smoking and the 10 kg more on my ribs, losing weight became a bigger issue for me. And well, the yo-yo effect sends its regards. It was a constant up and down.
Also with the weight reduction, habits and emotions play a large role. In addition, there are beliefs that are given to you in early childhood, such as „Eat up your plate“.

In hypnosis you can get to the bottom of all this with the help of your subconscious mind and solve it accordingly.


An insight into which topics Hypnose Luzern can support you with

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Overcoming fears

A healthy amount of anxiety can be very helpful to you. For example, it can help you perform at your best during exams or when giving a presentation.

However, an excess of fear blocks you. This often manifests itself in physical tension, shallow breathing or sweating. In addition, your thoughts revolve around the subject and do not let you think clearly. With hypnotherapy you can uncover the source of your fear and resolve it.

Rauchstopp Hypnose

Stop smoking

You don’t see the point of smoking anymore and you want to stop smoking. Your motivation is great and but your body and mind crave for the next cigarette until you get weak and inhale the next cigarette.

Habits on the one hand and emotions on the other hand are two pillars why quitting smoking can be so difficult. During hypnotherapy you address these two pillars, release the negative emotions and habits behind them and replace them with positive ones.

Abnehmen mit Hypnose

Weight loss

When losing weight, your habits and underlying emotions are in the focus of the hypnotherapy. You are already aware of which foods will lead you to your feel-good weight. And yet there are always moments when you can’t resist chocolate, for example, or can’t leave it at a small handful of peanuts.

With hypnosis you can release obstructive habits, beliefs and emotions. Once these are released, there is room in your mind for new positive habits so that you can do something good for your body and mind with healthy food.

Sporthypnose Luzern

Sports hypnosis

Sports hypnosis supports you in releasing mental blockages, increasing your concentration and that you can call up the perfect flow at the right moment.

Do you have a blockage in certain situations again and again, do you tense up and can’t call up your full potential in an important moment?
Retrieving a certain flow at the right time can also be very beneficial for you in sports. If your mindset is geared towards an absolute winning mentality, you will get your extra horsepower on the road. In hypnosis, we work on exactly such issues. Your physical health is always in the foreground of course. 

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More topics

Hypnotherapy starts with your subconscious mind and consequently many issues which originate there can be resolved. These include for example:

Self-esteem enhancement | Stress regulation | Jealousy | Nervous tics | Learning difficulties | Teeth grinding | Compulsions | Personality development | Burn-out prevention | Stuttering |

Contact me if you are not sure if hypnotherapy can help you with your issue.

Relaxation Hypnosis

Give your mind a break – With the best of hypnosis, autogenic training and visualization coaching.

Relaxation hypnosis is not a therapy, but you can calm down in a session of about one hour and regenerate your mind and body. It is also suitable if you want to get to know the state of hypnosis On site in Lucerne and online via videocall. For the relaxation hypnosis attractive conditions apply:

First session 60-70min: 100 CHF
Follow-up sessions 50-60 min: 90 CHF

Find out more in the following video.

Prices for hypnosis therapies

Special conditions apply to relaxation hypnosis (no therapy). For this, visit the sector about relaxation hypnosis

First session

After your registration I will send you an email with a questionnaire which you can fill out before the session. You will also receive a video in which I explain how hypnotherapy works. 
We can do this also together during the first session. Please note that this will take about an hour.

During the first session we will go deeper into your topic and I will answer any questions you may have about the process. Then the hypnotherapy will take place. Afterwards we will define the further procedure together.

350 CHF / ca. 2 h 15 Min

First session take about 2.25 hours on-site and online

Follow-up sessions

First of all, we carry out an assessment of the current situation and then proceed directly to hypnotherapy. At the end we again define the further procedure.

Onsite in Lucerne: 160 CHF / per hour Std

The follow-up session usually lasts 90 minutes and is charged in 15 minute intervals

Online via Phone or Videocall: 190 CHF / 75 min

The online follow-up session takes 75 minutes


On-site in Lucerne: Payment is due after the session in cash or with Twint, Maestro, VPay, Mastercard, Visa or Revolut (no Postcard)

Online via phone or video conference: after your booking, I will send you an email so you can make the payment via credit card, Twint, Revolut or bank transfer before our online session.


Health insurance / Supplementary insurance

Supplemental insurances cover the cost of treatment only in really very rare cases and even then only for certain issues.

As a teacher of Autogenic Training, I am registered in the EMR (Cert. No. H912164) and also work voluntarily in hypnotherapy according to the strict guidelines of the EMR. Autogenic Training is a recognized method of the EMR’s which many supplementary insurers follow.

Visit my site www.autogen-training.com if you want to learn more about Autogenic Training.

Hypnose Online

Online Hypnosis

With online hypnosis you stay in an environment you are familiar with and save yourself the trip to my office. Online hypnosis takes place via telephone or video conference.

The hypnosis practice in Lucerne

The practice is located in the old town of Lucerne at Mühlenplatz 4 on the second floor facing away from the street (elevator available). Centrally located and yet very quiet.

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Hypnosetherapie Luzern
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Directions to the practice

By public transport
The nearest bus stop is Kasernenplatz and is also within walking distance of the practice.
Lucerne train station is a 10 minute walk to the practice.

By car
The Altstadt and Kesselturm parking garages are within walking distance of the practice.

Opening hours

The practice is open from Friday to Tuesday (closed on Wed and Thu).

Contact Hypnose Luzern

If you have any questions or if you want to book your session you can contact me by e-mail or phone.

Hypnose Luzern
c/o Mike Truniger
Mühlenplatz 4
CH-6004 Luzern

T: +41 79 230 80 15

E: info@hypnose-luzern.com